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Reserve Division

Corey MoatesReserve Commander
Corey Moates

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Reserve Deputies are an invaluable part of our team.  It would be logistically difficult to satisfactorily and efficiently provide the necessary services without them.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Program operates under the direct supervision of Deputy Corey Moates.  Cherokee County is fortunate to have dedicated men and women who assist the sheriff’s office and the county for no compensation, all of whom bring with them a strong desire to help keep our community safe.

The Cherokee County Reserve Deputies participate in many sheriffs’ office activities such as:

  • Patrolling with full-time deputies
  • Serving as Bailiffs and courthouse security
  • Provide crowd control, security, and similar functions at many public events
  • Prisoner transports and extraditions
  • Many other duties related to all aspects of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office
Patrolling deputy Serving the community
Helping the community Traffic stop


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