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Chief Deputy Nate Jones.jpgChief Deputy Nate Jones


                       Sgt Dobkins.JPG                                                Sgt Grant .JPG

                                         Sergeant Noble Dobkins                                                                                            Sergeant Logan Grant

Chief Deputy Nate Jones leads the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division along with Sergeant Noble Dobkins and Sergeant Logan Grant.

Sheriff's Deputies have a considerable amount of responsibilities, some of which include responding to crimes in progress, investigating motor vehicle crashes, arrest suspects, testify in court, transport prisoners and conduct criminal investigations.

Deputies also provide assistance to our law enforcement partners in Cherokee County and surrounding areas when called upon. Deputies have lawful jurisdiction in rural, unincorporated and municipal areas within Cherokee County and respond to and answer all complaint calls and other calls for service or assistance from members of the public.

In addition, through proactive and visible traffic enforcement efforts, deputies assist in keeping our roadways safe and work to deter crime through visible patrols.

The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office patrol team is also comprised of two deputies assigned to area schools as School Resource Officers.





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