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A Look Back on the Past Year

One year ago today, our team announced the first confirmed case of Corona-virus in the Four State Region.  On one hand it feels as if this past year has flown by but on the other hand it feels like it was five years ago that we made the announcement.  Over the past twelve months, our team has encountered numerous challenges, not entirely different than those faced by communities across the country.

Throughout the long and challenging days, though, one thing has remained consistent and to be honest, inspiring.  The level of commitment demonstrated by community leaders to help others has never wavered. 

In addition to the countless hours of dedicated service put in by Health Department Administrator Betha Elliott, Emergency Manager Jason Allison and their staffs, an incredible response from our community, including school leaders and staff, medical providers, non-profit organizations, our county commissioners, business leaders, county road and bridge, city leaders, citizen volunteers, along with Dale and Christina at the K-State Extension Office, just to name a few, demonstrated day in and day out what makes Cherokee County truly a great place.

Despite the challenges, despite spirited debate at times regarding the best course of action, despite not knowing when the next curve ball will come our way, the people of Cherokee County care about one another and are always ready and willing to step up - however they can - to help our neighbors, friends and community.

Like most of you, I would have been perfectly content with not having heard so much about contact tracing, social distance, mass gatherings, quarantine, isolation, or knowing that being within six feet of someone for more than ten minutes meets a definition of 'close contact,' but I guess when it comes to a global pandemic, we are all in it together.  And, although we aren't completely over this pandemic, we are making progress. 

Just as I have been during previous events, I'm proud of Cherokee County and how we come together, demonstrating grit and perseverance to overcome and get through challenging times.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless,

Sheriff David Groves

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