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Thanksgiving Message

Because of the job this community has blessed me with, I get to see some pretty incredible things! 

I see citizens come together to organize a fundraiser for a family experiencing a hardship, I see businesses reaching out - wanting to stay anonymous - asking that their donation be used to bless someone who may have fallen on hard times.  I'm blown away that residents have already started to bring new unwrapped toys to the Sheriff's Office, knowing they will help make Christmas morning magical for children next month.  I'm in awe when a resident who is stuck in traffic for a funeral procession reaches in his pocket and pulls out a generous amount of cash and asks that it be given to the family of the deceased.  I swell with pride when I see a community line a street with flags to not only honor a local hero who died, but to show respect and appreciation to his family and fellow first responders.  These are just a few examples from the past couple of weeks, but sincerely my list could go on and on and on.

I am aware of how fortunate I am to have a front row seat sometimes to witness the goodness of this community and I hope as you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends, you take time to appreciate living in a place which regularly demonstrates its greatness!

Wishing you all a Blessed and Safe Thanksgiving Holiday!

Sheriff David Groves

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