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Stay Alert For Tax Scams


Many area residents are in the process of filing their income taxes and unfortunately, with tax season also comes an uptick in Tax Related Scams from thieves posing as representatives from the Internal Revenue Service.  Some methods these thieves have used in the past includes calling and saying there was a discrepancy in the persons tax filing and immediate payment of fines and penalties would have to be made over the phone or law enforcement would come arrest the resident.  Another method of attempting to con unsuspecting victims includes thieves sending fictitious emails, again posing as IRS Agents.  These emails may even appear to be from the IRS but are not legitimate.

"It's important to remember the IRS will never initiate communication with you by any means other than a first-class letter sent through the United States Postal Service," according to Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves. 

"If you receive a phone call from a thief posing as an IRS official, you should immediately hang up without giving any information. Similarly, any email should be immediately deleted, without clicking on any links contained within the email," continued Sheriff Groves.

"Just as in years past, I encourage everyone to obtain their annual credit report, which will allow you to make sure nobody has opened a fraudulent credit card or account in your name. Federal law allows everyone to obtain their report free of charge, once a year and can be obtained online at,," concluded Sheriff Groves.

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