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Encourage High School Graduates to Celebrate Responsibly


Say no to underage Drinking

We have reached the time of year where many of our high school students are graduating and celebrating their achievement.

In recognition of their accomplishment, graduating high school students and underclassmen, often celebrate with parties, some of which include alcohol.

Some parents, under the belief they are providing a safe environment for celebrations where minors are consuming alcohol, take it upon themselves to host graduation parties.

It’s important for parents to be aware of Kansas’ Social Hosting Law, which makes it a Class A Misdemeanor with a minimum $1,000.00 fine and the possibility of court ordered community service for those found guilty of providing or “permitting a person’s residence or any land, building, structure or room” in a manner that results in the possession or consumption of alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverages by a minor.

“Law Enforcement understands parents’ belief they are providing a safe and controlled environment to allow these celebrations at their house or on their land,” stated Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves.

“Unfortunately, environments where minors are consuming alcohol are not controlled, safe or legal.  We are proud of those graduating this year and we want them to celebrate their accomplishment, but we want them to do it safely and legally, without them or their parents having to deal with the possibility of criminal charges or worse, spending the week after graduation attending the funeral of one of their classmates who becomes involved in a traffic crash after consuming alcohol,” concluded Sheriff Groves.

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