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Phone Scams Continue To Target Area Elderly Residents


Gift Card Scam

Several area residents have recently been targeted by phone scams, and more than one unfortunately has resulted in the theft of several hundred dollars.

“While the type of scam may vary, from a thief posing as an IRS Agent or a representative of Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol, the common factors remain the caller is a thief trying to pressure or trick the victim into purchasing a gift card or ITunes card then provide the information from the back of the card,” according to Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves.

“It’s important to remember no government agency or reputable business will ever ask for payment with gift cards or ITune cards and as we’ve mentioned in the past, the IRS will never initiate contact with someone over the phone or by email and winners are never required to pre-pay taxes prior to receiving any prizes they may have won,” reminds Sheriff Groves.

“These thieves involved in this type of criminal activity generally target seniors, so it’s important for those with elderly parents or loved ones to have a conversation about the importance of not providing personal or financial information to callers, not obtain any gift cards because someone called them on the phone and instructed them to do so, and to not feel guilty about hanging up on people who call trying to get information from them.  Finally, it’s important they not feel embarrassed if they do become victims, and feel comfortable reporting any suspicious activity or conversations to family members or law enforcement,” concluded Sheriff Groves.


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