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Be Aware of Tax Scams


As residents start working on their income taxes, it’s important to remember this is also a peak time of year for scams.

“With tax laws changing on a regular basis, many residents become concerned about missing something or incorrectly filing their taxes,” stated Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves.

“Thieves prey upon that anxiety and will often call, or sometimes email residents, posing as Agents with the IRS, demanding “fines and penalties” be paid immediately or they will send law enforcement to make an arrest.”

“If someone claiming to be an IRS Agent initiates contact with you by phone or email, you should immediately hang up or delete the email.  If for some reason the IRS has questions about your tax filing, they will first send you an official letter, making you aware of the situation and requesting you call them,” continued Sheriff Groves.

“As always, whether it’s a thief posing as an IRS Agent or any other type of scam, if someone contacts you out of the blue, asking for personal information or demanding immediate payment, don’t ever feel bad about hanging up on them before they have a chance to steal your money or personal information,” concluded Sheriff Groves.

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