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Photographs of Property Beneficial In Theft Investigations


Property Crimes


Photographs of Property Beneficial In Theft Investigations

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office wants to encourage residents to safeguard items, especially those they may have recently received as gifts.

 “During Christmas, many residents likely received items of value; gifts that may be tempting for thieves to steal,” stated Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves.

“In the event your property does become stolen, having photographs, including photographs of serial numbers, is incredibly valuable to investigators.  That’s why we encourage everyone to take a few minutes, pull out their cell phone, and snap some pictures of their property, especially jewelry, firearms, tools and electronics,” continued Sheriff Groves.

“It’s not uncommon at all for our deputies to encounter property that is likely stolen as they conduct search warrants or other investigations.  Unfortunately, many times, the property cannot be confirmed to have been stolen.   We want to reunite the rightful owners to their property and having photo documentation would greatly assist us in doing just that,” concluded Sheriff Groves. 


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