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Be Careful for Potential Tax Scams


Be Careful of Potential Tax Scams

With many residents preparing to file their taxes, Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves encourages residents to be on alert for potential scams.

“This time of year, thieves and scammers work overtime, because they are preying on the fear of residents who may be dealing with the United States Internal Revenue Service,” stated Sheriff Groves.

“It is not uncommon for residents to get an email from someone who appears to have an official government email address or a phone call or text message from someone posing as an IRS Agent.  It’s important for everyone to know the IRS will only make initial contact with citizens by official letter, should they need information.  If anyone contacts you by telephone, claiming to be an IRS Agent seeking information, don’t hesitate to hang up on them,” continued Sheriff Groves.

“The IRS is very much aware of many of these scam techniques, some of which include a phony IRS Agent calling a resident, offering to settle their debt for pennies on the dollar if done immediately, and threatening to send the Sheriff to arrest them if they don’t comply.  That’s not going to happen.  I always encourage residents to hang up on anyone calling requesting personal information.   Reputable organizations know better and you shouldn’t feel bad about hanging up on thieves trying to steal your identity.  Many times they may know a lot of information like your name and birthday but need your social security number.  Or they may know your social but not your birthday or address.  Don’t assume that just because they already have a lot of information they are legitimate representatives of the IRS or any other organization.  The piece of information you provide, could be all they need to complete their crime,” concluded Sheriff Groves.



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