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Be Aware Of Popular Holiday Scam


Be Aware Of Popular Holiday Scam


As the holiday season continues, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind residents of a popular scam that tends to surface this time of year.  The scam, popular because of its effectiveness,  is known as the Grandparent Scam.  It typically begins with you receiving a call and the persons on the other end says something to the effect of, “Grandma, I’m in trouble and need money for bail.”  The caller will urge you to keep the fact they are in trouble a secret.  Typically, if the victim questions the callers voice (as not sounding like their grandchild), the scammer will simply say they are tired or sick.  The scammer, posing as a grandchild, will then give instructions on how to send money to “help” them out.

“If any resident receives a call similar to the one described above, we encourage them not to immediately send money, but rather hang up if you know it’s a scam or, if you question it, ask for the name and number of the jail the grandchild is in and the bond amount,” stated Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves.  “You can then contact our office and we can attempt to verify the legitimacy of the call, even if it’s out of the country as some of these scammers will pose as a grandchild on vacation in Mexico or other places,” concluded Groves.


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