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Tax Season / Scam Season


Tax Season Can Lead to Scams

As tax day (April 15th) draws nearer, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind residents to be on alert for scams, which may come by email or over the phone.

 “In years past, thieves have attempted to prey on victims using a couple of different methods,” according to Sheriff David Groves.  “One past scam involves a thief portraying themselves as an IRS Agent over the phone, telling the would-be victim, they owe money and if it’s not paid immediately with a pre-paid debit card or money transfer, the resident will be arrested or have their driver’s license suspended.”

“In another scam, residents are advised that they are owed a refund, but the IRS needs to first verify the residents’ personal and bank account information.” 

“It’s important to remember that the IRS will never initially contact you by phone or email.  If they need to communicate with you, they will first mail you an official letter.  Any time you are pressured for your personal or bank account information, you should immediately be on-guard and skeptical,” concluded Sheriff Groves.


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