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Sunday Morning Flood Update



With the National Weather Service predicting an additional 1-3” of rain today for Cherokee County, emergency personnel continue to monitor flooded areas and work with residents who have been identified as having special medical concerns.

The heavy rains have cause many roadways, especially secondary county roads, to flood, making them dangerous and impassable. At approximately 9:00 a.m., Spring River at Baxter Springs was up 19.4’. Flooding occurs at 14.0’. Neosho River, at 9:00 a.m., is registering 22.13’ in Oswego with a flood stage at 28.0’.

With several hundred Cherokee County homes potentially impacted by flood waters, the American Red Cross opened two shelters Saturday evening to provide shelter options for residents who have voluntarily evacuated their homes. While no residents have taken advantage of the shelters, they do remain open and available for use.

Emergency: 911
Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office: 620-848-3000
Baxter Springs Police Department: 620-856-2112
Baxter Springs Fire Department: 620-856-3536

Baxter Springs High School – 100 North Military Avenue
Riverton High School – 7120 Southeast 70th



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