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Suspect Not Found at Galena Home Following Search


At approximately 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 15th, 2015, law enforcement officials concluded their search of the residence at 1009 East 5th in Galena. Officers had been on scene at that address since just prior to 9:00 Monday evening after obtaining information that Doug Alexius was in the home, armed with a firearm.

Alexius, who is wanted on numerous felony charges out of the State of Missouri, along with a federal arrest warrant, ultimately was not found to be in the home.

“After obtaining a search warrant for the residence, tactical entry teams from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were utilized to search the property. Throughout the search, it was believed Alexius was held up in a small portion of the attic, which was not conducive for law enforcement to safely access,” stated Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves.

“While we were on scene for several hours, our objectives were to insure the safety of nearby citizens, officers and to safely apprehend the fugitive. With time on our side, and no need to place residents or officers at un-necessary risk, a thorough and very methodical search of the home was conducted.”

“Although the suspect was not successfully captured, many residents I spoke with today expressed concern for the officers’ safety and were appreciative of our efforts to apprehend a dangerous fugitive while making it clear that law enforcement is serious, and willing to go to great lengths, to make sure Galena is not viewed as a safe harbor for criminals to seek refuge,” concluded Sheriff Groves.


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