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Drive Safe Near Farm Machinery


As area farmers harvest their crops, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind motorists to use caution when approaching farm trucks, tractors, combines and other farm machinery.

Farm equipment is typically not designed to travel at normal vehicle speeds and many times are wider than passenger vehicles and even roadways.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, across the state in 2014, there were 94 crashes involving farm equipment, which resulted in 3 deaths and 41 injuries.

In an effort to help make sure area farmers are able to do their jobs safely, and motorists are safe as they travel, please keep in mind the following tips:

  • Exercise patience.  Don't assume the farmer is able to get off the roadway to let you pass by.  There may be no shoulders on the roadway, or they may be wet or so steep that it causes the machinery to tip.
  • Pass with extreme caution.  If you can't see clearly ahead of you and the farm machinery, wait to pass.
  • Understand that farmers may go to the right side of the lane because they are preparing for a wide left turn, not so you can go around them.
  • Don't assume the farmer knows you are there.  Most operators regularly check for vehicles behind them, but some of the equipment is extremely loud and may hinder their ability to hear you approaching.


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