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Watch for Scams During Tax Season


Each year, as April 15th (tax day) gets closer; attempts to scam residents tend to increase.

Many times someone posing as an IRS Agent will call and tell you that income tax are owed and if you fail to submit immediate payment (generally with a pre-paid debit card or money transfer) you will be arrested or have your driver’s license suspended.

In another scam, the potential victim could be told they are going to receive a refund, but the IRS needs to verify personal and bank information.

Please remember that the IRS will never contact you by phone with regards to payment due without having first sent you official notice by mail.  They will also never require payment using a specific method (such as debit card) or threaten to have you arrested by local law enforcement for not making a payment.

Another scam that surfaced several years ago was by email, where a scammer posing as an IRS agent would send potential victims an email from a seemingly official government email account.  The scammer would again request personal information and bank account details.

As always, you should never provide personal information to anyone contacting you unsolicited. 

Residents who encounter issues or believe they have been targeted are encouraged to contact their tax consultant, the IRS Tax Fraud Hotline at 1-800-829-0433 or the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office at 620-429-3992 or 620-848-3000.


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