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New Visitation Program Proving Succesful for Cherokee County Jail


September 13, 2013

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the addition of HOMEWAV video visitation services at the Cherokee County Jail.

Over the past few months, HOMEWAV has installed their video visitation equipment in the jail, allowing inmates to have live, video visitations with friends and family members.

The HOMEWAV system allows family and friends to go online, create an account and use a credit card to grant them access to have a video visit with an inmate.

This service is currently available for $.50 a minute, which in most cases, is more affordable than a collect telephone call, while providing a better quality visit.

“This system interested our agency for several reasons,” stated Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves.

“First, since many of our inmates are being housed for other counties, this allows those family members to visit with the inmate without having to travel several hours.  Second, because Cherokee County was not required to purchase any equipment, the revenue generated from each call helps offset the costs of housing inmates.  Third, the reduction of on-site, face to face visitations, allows for our correctional officers to conduct other duties, making that division more efficient.  Finally, this is a valuable tool with regards to inmate management.  All visits are monitored and recorded, allowing a correctional officer to immediately disconnect the feed if either party conducts themselves inappropriately.  The inmates are made aware up front that the service is a privilege, which can and will be revoked if warranted,” concluded Groves.

To learn more about this video visitation systems go to or and click on the “Jail” tab.



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