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Phone Scam Resurfaces


The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind residents to be cautious about phone calls they receive indicating that they have won money.

Recently, the Sheriff’s Office was made aware of an old scam, which is again making its way to Cherokee County citizens.

The scammer advises the potential victim that they were being awarded a specific amount of money by Bank of America in the form of a certified cashier’s check.  All the potential victim has to do is send a certain percentage of the money to cover processing, taxes, etc… and then the cashier’s check will be mailed.

The scammer provided a 1-800 number, however, when the Sheriff’s Office attempted to call it, an operator indicated the number was temporarily out of service.

As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Also, if you truly won a prize, you wouldn’t first need to pay the organization that is awarding the prize to you.

Residents are encouraged to be vigilant and never give out personal information, such as account numbers, to unknown callers.

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