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Flood Waters Cover Area Roads


Flood waters on the street Flood waters in the ditch Flood waters overflowing a dam
Flood going under an overpass Flooding under a wooden bridge Flooding up to a front porch
Flooding along residential street

Due to the recent rains, the following roadways in Cherokee County are reported impassable at this time:

Kansas Highway 7

Southeast Prairie between 80th and 90th

Southeast Star Road between 82nd and 90th

Chico Road

Southeast 68th Terrace

Bridge on East Maple Street – Columbus

Southwest Clem Road between 30th and 40th

Southwest 30th and Quaker Road

Southwest 110th

Northwest Bethlehem and 20th

Northwest 100th and Highway 160

Southwest Quaker from 70th to 90th

Southwest 50th and Union Chapel

Southwest Lostine between 30th and 40th

Southwest 90th and Quaker

Southeast 20th, north of Highway 166

Emergency personnel will continue to monitor the weather and road conditions.

If you are traveling and come to a road that is covered with water, turn around and find an alternate route.

It only takes a small amount of water to make your car float, and running water can erode the base under the road, causing it to collapse. 


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