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Friday Blizzard Event Update


Rural Cherokee County farmhouse
Rural Cherokee County
guardsmen helping a resident get their vehicle out of the snow
Guardsmen helping a
residents get their
vehicle out
guard units knocking down snow buildup along a rural driveway
Guard units knocking
down snow buildup
along a rural driveway
National Guard vehicle driving through the snow Guard vehicle driving down snowy roadway Guard vehicle parked on the side of the road
Farmhouse in the snow Tractor on the side of the road Semi truck turned over west of Melrose on Highway 166
semi truck turned over
west of Melrose on
Highway 166
Crews work to remote the flipped semi from Highway 166
Crews work to remove
the semi from Highway

Road crews continue to work and make great progress following Tuesday’s historic blizzard. 

The main highways that run through Cherokee County are, for the most part, cleared.  However, some spots continue to have snow-covered areas. 

Many area farmers have been generous with assisting the Cherokee County Road Department and city road crews in plowing secondary roads.  While about 50% of these secondary roads have been plowed, (at least one lane) they continue to be snow packed. 

As previously mentioned, this was a historic blizzard, and despite the many hours and hard work by road crews and our farming community to clear them, it will take time for roads to be back to a safe condition. 

At this time, many people who have been home-bound are anxious to get out of the house.  If you choose to do so, please allow extra time, drive slowly and be safe.  It is still best to avoid traveling if possible. 

The Kansas National Guardsmen completed their 72-hour deployment to Cherokee County yesterday.  We are thankful that the soldiers were able to respond and provide assistance to emergency crews and citizens throughout Cherokee County. 

The Cherokee County Emergency Management Office has returned to normal hours of operation and can be reached for weather related issues at (620) – 429 – 1857. 

Residents should also be aware, and plan accordingly, that the National Weather Service is forecasting another chance of snow at the beginning of next week along with continued cold temperatures.


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