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Guard Units Arrive in Cherokee County


National Guard units being briefed at the Emergency Operations Center
Guard units are briefed
at the Emergency
Operations Center
Military vehicles parked on the street at night
Military vehicles arrive
at Cherokee County
Kansas National Guard vehicle assisting Cherokee County residents
One of the Kansas
National Guard
vehicles deployed to
assist in Cherokee

While the snow has stopped falling in Cherokee County, wind gusts continue to blow the already fallen snow, which continues to hinder road crews and emergency responders.

Troops with the Kansas National Guard have deployed to Cherokee County in order to assist emergency responders, especially ambulance services, in getting to their emergency call destinations.

Guard units will be stationed in various parts of Cherokee County to complete their mission.

State Representative Doug Gatewood and I spoke several times today and he, along with Major General Lee Tafanelli, were extremely helpful in making these soldiers available to help with emergency efforts in Cherokee County.

Residents are still reminded that travel conditions are treacherous and they should not be on the roadways until further advised.

- Sheriff David Groves


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