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Winter Storm Information


With a severe winter storm, which is forecasted to produce ice, sleet and up to 18” of snow for our immediate area, along with 30 mile-per hour winds and frigid temperatures, Cherokee County Emergency Services would like to provide some safety tips and general information.

Because of the significant amount of ice and snow, power outages are possible.  As a result, residents should take advantage of this advance notice to purchase supplies they may need, should they be unable to leave their residence for several days.  Such items would include food, water, heating source, medications etc…

Also, residents are strongly urged not to travel unless it is vitally necessary.  The snow is expected to fall at a rate of 2” – 3” inches per hour.  Despite the hard work by state, county and city road crews, it will be a difficult task to keep the main highways cleared, let alone secondary roads.

Those roads will be difficult to travel on for all vehicles, including emergency responders.

However, if you have an emergency and need to travel, you should make sure: 

  • Your cell phone is charged
  • Someone knows where your going and the route you intend to take
  • Notify that person when you arrive at your destination
  • Have plenty of fuel in your vehicle
  • Have food and water in your vehicle
  • Have blankets in your vehicle
  • Have a fully charged flashlight 

In addition, in anticipation of an extremely high call volume, residents are asked to only call 911 if there is a life threatening emergency. 

If residents experience damage to their property (home, garage, carport etc…) as a result of the storm, they do not need a law enforcement report.  They only need to contact the Cherokee County Emergency Management Office and their insurance company. 

The Cherokee County Emergency Management Office can be reached @ 620-429-1857 or 620-429-3256.  Residents are urged to report weather related damage to the Emergency Management Office and are welcome to call for any other weather related issues. 

Of course if you have a life threatening emergency you should call the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office @ 911, 620-848-3000 or 620-429-3992.

For road conditions call 511

To report power outages contact your electric company (Empire District – 1-800-206-2300 – Heartland Electric Company 1-800-835-9586)

You can also find additional information at the Cherokee County Emergency Management Website, which is listed below.


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