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Active Deer Leads to Increase in Traffic Crashes



Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputies have been responding to an increase in vehicle crashes involving deer recently, as deer become more active this time of year.

"Deer are particularly active around dawn and dusk, so we encourage motorists to be extra vigilant during those times by driving with their bright lights on if there are no oncoming vehicles, scanning road ditches, buckle up and resist taking avoidance maneuvers should a deer be in - or enter - the roadway," according to Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves.

Evasive action can often result in the vehicle leaving the roadway, rolling, and potentially ejecting the occupants, which contributes significantly to serious injury or death.

"Anyone involved in a crash with a deer or other animal is encouraged to pull as far off the roadway as possible, stay in the vehicle, turn on the emergency flashers, and call law enforcement to respond to the scene," concluded Sheriff Groves.

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