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Additional Felony Charges Filed Against Attempted Murder Suspect


Amos mugshot.gifCharles "Larry" Amos

Additional felony charges were filed against 61-year-old Charles L. Amos by the Cherokee County Attorney's Office on Wednesday.

Amos, who was initially charged Monday with Attempted Murder, three counts of Aggravated Armed
Robbery, Criminal Carrying of a Weapon and Criminal Damage to Property for his alleged involvement in a robbery and shooting that occurred in rural Cherokee County on Sunday morning, was captured late Sunday night in Oklahoma City.

"During the course of the investigation, evidence was uncovered indicating Amos had obtained the gun used Sunday morning by burglarizing a vacant home in rural Columbus late last week," according to Sheriff David Groves.

"Although the burglary of the home and theft of property had not yet been discovered and reported by
the owner, our investigators determined where the burglary had occurred and confirmed the weapon used, along with two other firearms and other property, had in fact been stolen," continued Sheriff Groves.

On Wednesday, additional formal charges of Burglary and Theft were filed against Amos, who remains in
custody in Oklahoma City, pending extradition back to Kansas.

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