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Report A One Vehicle Non-Injury Crash

At times, during adverse weather conditions such as heavy snow or ice, timely response from law enforcement or other responders to non-emergency, non-injury one vehicle crashes may not be practical.

Other times, a motorist may strike a deer or other wild animal in the road or have a non-injury collision on private property, causing minor damage to their vehicle but still they need a report solely for insurance purposes. 

In such an events, motorists may complete our online "One Vehicle Non-Injury Crash Report."  Based on the information provided, a deputy will then complete a standard Kansas Motor Vehicle Crash Report. 

To report an emergency, call 911 (where applicable) or your local law enforcement office. This form is for non-emergency contact only. Our office will contact you once we have received your submission, if your contact information is provided. If you do not hear from us in 48 hours, please call our office.

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