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Happy New Year!!


As 2012 comes to a close, many news outlets, as they traditionally do, have been reporting on the top stories of the previous year. While we reminisce about those stories, we're reminded of the ups and downs we have experienced in 2012.

They can also remind us that while our past has been written our future is yet to be determined.

As an agency, the Sheriff's Office sets goals each year, which helps us maintain focus on ways to continue moving forward and increase our responsiveness to Cherokee County residents. I believe that if we fail to consistently move forward and adapt to citizen needs, we can quickly become ineffective as a public service organization.

Now is a great time for all of us to decide what kind of positive changes we would like to make in the upcoming year. Whether it's personal goals, an improved professional status or making enhancements to our community, I wish you all good luck on achieving your goals and wish you a Happy and Very Blessed 2013!

Sheriff David Groves

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