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Severe Weather Preparedness Week


This week is the official Severe Weather Awareness Week in Kansas. We all know the weather in our area can dramatically change not just from day to day, but from morning to evening. That's why it's important - even if you've experienced significant weather in the past - to take some time to make sure you and your family are properly prepared for a wide-range of adverse weather events.

Because storms can result in downed trees, power lines and flooded roadways and washed out bridges, or ice and snow covered roads - all of which hinder the response capabilities of emergency services - as a general rule, families are encouraged to plan to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. This preparation includes making sure there are necessities on hand such as bottled water, non-perishable food, ability to receive safety information should the power or cell phone service be disrupted, having prescription medication available and an ability to keep warm.

Another aspect of being prepared includes practicing the plan with children. What should they do if a fire breaks out, if a tornado warning is issued, if the power goes out in the house? What should they do if they are home alone and unable to reach you by phone? By having a conversation with them ahead of time and making sure they know they plan, they will be less frightened and better prepared should there be an actual emergency.

Additional information on Severe Weather Preparedness Week can be found at

Stay safe (and prepared), 

Sheriff David Groves

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