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Elections Are Over

Well, Tuesday was the end of the 2012 Campaign Season.  I’m not going to utilize this space to speak about my own campaign, but rather use it to share a few thoughts about our local elections. 

I think most residents and even the candidates are glad that the campaigns are over.

There were many hard fought contests. And, as with any election, some people are happy with the results and others are not.  But at the end of the day, I think it’s remarkable that every local position was contested and we had a record number of voters turn out to exercise their right in shaping our future.

To me, this means two things.  First, our citizens had choices.  That’s how it should be. A representative form of government is at its best when citizens have a choice of who will represent them in various positions and offices.

The second thing it means is that Cherokee County has great people who are willing to step up to try and make a difference.  Becoming a candidate for political office is something that requires a significant commitment, not only from the candidate, but from their family and friends, as well.

It’s inspiring to see so many residents taking that leap, being willing to sacrifice time and resources in hopes of working for the citizens of this county. 

Naturally, some candidates won while others didn’t.  But, those who didn’t win still have an opportunity to find other avenues to help their neighbors, community and this county.  A title, or political office, does not make a leader.  Instead, a leader sees a need for something to be done, develops a plan, recruits and inspires others to help and makes the positive change that’s needed.

I’m confident with so many hardworking, dedicated and motivated leaders in Cherokee County there are great days ahead for our county and our residents!

Sheriff David M. Groves

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