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Thank A Police Officer Day 2020

Today is National "Thank a Police Officer Day," which to be honest always strikes me as nice, but kind of odd. 

The professional's I know who have answered the call to serve - those with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office as well as officers with our local police departments, Highway Patrol and other area agencies - do so out of a sense of duty.  And although everyone enjoys feeling appreciated, at their core, those men and women pin on their badge, strap on an uncomfortable bullet-proof vest, and each day leave their family not knowing what fate awaits them because they genuinely and selflessly care about others and want to do their part to help in times of trouble.

Those professionals are ready at a moment's notice to help a crying child trapped in a crashed car, to wrestle with a combative suspect in a ditch along a gravel road at two in the morning who hits, bites and spits at the officer, to provide a sense of security to a battered woman who has summoned the courage to finally leave a dangerous situation or to compassionately deliver a death notification. 

Despite seriously deserving and needing days off, in order to support their families many of them spend that time working a second job serving at another agency.

Our area law enforcement professionals may not do their job in hopes of hearing thanks, but they are going to hear it, nonetheless.  I'm appreciative of each of them and I pray daily for their alertness, courage and wisdom; I pray for their safety while on calls and I pray for their ability to shoulder the heavy burden and stress which comes from hearing the cries, seeing the carnage and feeling helpless due to things beyond their control, which hinders their abilities at times. 

They may chalk all that up to "just part of the job," but it takes a special person to step up and do the job.  They should know how much they are appreciated, and I hope many of you will join me in expressing our sincerest thanks to all who serve! #ThankAPoliceOfficerDay2020

Sheriff David M. Groves

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