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Remembering September 11, 2001

They thought they would break us. They thought our resolve came from buildings, not even slightly understanding the greatness of our nation comes from our people, not structures.

Today is the day their plan backfired horribly. Today is the day where the people of this nation came together as one with nothing - absolutely nothing- dividing us. Today is the day police, firefighters, paramedics and port authority officers rushed into fiery buildings, some no doubt knowing what fate awaited them. Today is the day where passengers on a commercial flight summoned the courage to sacrifice their lives to save those they would never meet. Today is the day when thousands of men and women found a level of patriotism and bravery deep within themselves they never knew existed and walked into a military recruiting station saying sign me up! Today is the day when people went out of their way to be kind, compassionate, tolerant and helpful to others, including people they didn't know.

Today is the anniversary of when cowardly terrorists failed to bring us to our knees, but rather showed us how strong we are, united as one!

May God hold the families of those who lost loved ones on this day close and may He continue to watch over those who serve and protect our nation! #NeverForget

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