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Recognizing National Police Week

I'm fortunate as your Sheriff to have a unique perspective when it comes to seeing the commitment and dedication exhibited by our deputies and investigators each day despite challenges they may face on a regular basis. I see them brainstorming and thinking outside the box to figure out who committed a theft or how to gather evidence to interrupt drug activity near a school. I see them diligently working to keep track of registered offenders so our residents will be aware of any who may be living in their neighborhoods. I see them honing their skills so they can better detect those who choose to drive impaired on our roadways because they know the pain caused when they have to knock on a door to make a death notification. I see patrol deputies debrief after being physically assaulted while arresting an armed suspect under the influence of narcotics.

But I also get to read cards and receive phone calls from residents who want to share their sincere appreciation after a deputy helped to change their child's tire alongside the highway or held their mothers' hand while firefighters were cutting her out of a mangled car. I am incredibly proud when I'm told about a deputy who saw someone struggling and out of their own pocket, brought them groceries or paid for a hotel room for a domestic violence victim who had nowhere else to go.

Law enforcement is a highly stressful profession but it is also a very rewarding one. I believe we are fortunate in Cherokee County to have dedicated men and women who put on their badge each day, and out of their desire to serve others, go out to do just that.

We are also blessed because of the incredible amount of support we receive from our community which is demonstrated on a regular basis either by calls, cards, treats dropped off at the office or just a friendly wave as we drive by.

Today begins National Police Week, which is a time designated each year to encourage all of us as a nation to express our appreciation for those who serve our community.

Citizens of Cherokee County do an awesome job no matter the time of year of showing its support for law enforcement and as we celebrate National Police Week, I ask you join me in continuing to show that incredible level of support!

God Bless,
Sheriff David M. Groves

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