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Kansas Sheriffs' Association Letters

I've had the opportunity to visit with some of you who recently received letters from the Kansas Sheriffs' Association, wanting to make sure the letter was not part of a scam.

Because of the high number of phone scams victimizing citizens throughout the country, the Kansas Sheriff's Association stopped using a telemarketing campaign several years ago and opted instead, to utilize a direct mail campaign.  And, because your personal information is critically important, I, along with several other Sheriff's, toured the facility of the company the association works with on direct mail campaign.  It was quite clear, right from the start, they have strict protocols in place to make sure any personal information is not compromised, which made me feel even more confident with the association's decision.

Some of you have also asked if the association actually benefits our local Sheriff's Office and I sincerely appreciate you reaching out to ask.

Early on in my tenure as your Sheriff, I recognized how valuable the Sheriffs' Association is, not only through the assistance provided to individual sheriffs, but also in working to ensure and maintain the integrity of the Office of Sheriff in Kansas.

I currently have the privilege of serving as the Second Vice-President for the organization, which as I mentioned, now uses a mail campaign to seek support for its programs.  Those programs include providing training to sheriff's, deputies and correctional officers, working with our Senators and State Representatives in passing state legislation geared towards keeping Kansan's safe, providing scholarships to Kansas students and providing financial assistance to the families of Kansas Law Enforcement Officers who are killed in the line of duty.

In addition, the Kansas Sheriffs' Association partnered with the Kansas Bar Association in creating Kansas based legal documents for all our citizens to create a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney.  The peace of mind having these important decisions made and documented is priceless to those families who find themselves in a tragic situation or navigating through a sudden health emergency.  They can be accessed for free on our association website,

I again thank those for reaching out to make sure these letters are not part of a scam, which I assure you they are not.  I would also mention, the letters (which typically get sent twice a year) are the organizations only means of fundraising, so if you ever get a phone call from someone claiming to raise money on behalf of your local sheriff's office, please hang up.

I thank all of you who choose to make a donation to the Kansas Sheriffs' Association and completely understand not everyone who receives a letter will be interested, or able to at the moment. 

 Either way, it remains truly an honor to serve as your Sheriff and work alongside skilled and dedicated men and women each and every day who continue to strive to provide a high quality and professional service to our community.

God Bless,

Sheriff David Groves  

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