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Thanks Fair Organizers!

The carnival has rolled on to the next town while livestock and other exhibits have been taken back to their respective homes as the 91st Annual American Legion Cherokee County Fair comes to a close. 

The Cherokee County Fair has long been an event where children feel the thrill of carnival rides, sharing the excitement with classmates they haven’t seen since school let out in May, while adults enjoy free nightly entertainment or catch up with old friends, some of which they only see once a year – at the county fair. 

While not at the carnival and thanks to our great community 4-H Programs, lots of kids are able to showcase their livestock or demonstrate their skills in art, fashion, photography, agriculture or culinary, just to name a few.

Many different organizations and non-profits also take advantage of this event to raise awareness or funds, which are then used to help others within our community. 

While the fair may seem to only run during 5 hot summer nights, over the past several years I’ve had the opportunity to see just a small glimpse of the hard work it takes by some very dedicated people who are willing to voluntarily commit their time and personal resources to provide a quality event for our community.  They don’t spend countless hours working throughout the year for recognition or thanks.  In fact, if the truth is told, like in many cases, they probably hear more frequently from those who want to complain about something rather than those who enjoy and appreciate the event and their efforts.

Although their work is often done behind the scenes, and many other individuals, families and businesses from throughout the county provide important support and assistance, I hope you will all join me in thanking Fair Board Officers Anne Sharp, Scott Groneau, Brad Wells, Gary Drennan, Dewey Smith and Dr. Curtis Gregory, along with Directors Phillip Bass, Larry Ketcher, Eric Garcia, K.C. Youngblood, Gary Gideon, Lorie Johnson, David Holmes, Mike Hatfield, Joe Mooney, Steve Davis and Katrina Elliott for all they do for our community and congratulate them, and others who joined them, on another successful year for the Cherokee County Fair!

Sheriff David Groves 

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