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Generous Couple Donates Funds For New Sheriff's K9

In the fall of 2018, a Cherokee County couple came by my office and wanted to visit.  I’ve known both of them for several years and knew they were supporters of law enforcement, often times bringing homemade treats by the office around the holidays or during other times throughout the year.

During our visit, they told me, as grandparents, they were concerned about the potential for their grand kids being exposed to illegal and dangerous drugs and they wanted to help the Sheriff’s Offices' ongoing efforts to investigate and arrest those responsible for using and distributing drugs in our county.

Out of their desire to help, they discussed leaving a donation to the Sheriff’s Office upon their passing, with the hopes the money would be used to purchase a Patrol K-9.  They then asked me if I knew how much it would cost to obtain and train one.

Coincidentally, I had been researching the feasibility of adding an additional K-9 to our agency and was able to provide them with an estimate. 

At that time, sitting across from my desk, the woman looked at her husband and asked if he was thinking the same thing she was, which he responded yes.  She then looked at me and explained they thought the cost would be 2-3 times the amount I provided them and that's why they would have needed to wait until after they passed on to leave the money to the Sheriff's Office, but instead they would write me a check that very day.

In the following weeks, I contacted North American Police Work Dog Association Master Trainer Travis Walthall, owner of Patriot K-9 Training and Consulting, and introduced him to Cherokee County Deputy Taylor Ludwig, who had been designated as our new K-9 Handler. 

Before long they were training daily with our newest team member, Bear (a one year old German Sheppard), who was certified in narcotic detection and tracking last Friday.

I’m appreciative of the generosity of this couple, who requested to remain anonymous, and am confident their selflessness will benefit our entire community.

God Bless,

Sheriff David Groves

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