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Happy Independence Day

Like many of you, I’ve spent the past several days looking forward to and thinking about the Independence Day Holiday! 

But to be honest, I found myself disappointed about how often times there seems to be an energy of divisiveness in our country.  Typically surrounding political issues, people find themselves on one side or the other (or perhaps in the middle – seeing valid points to both views).  Unfortunately those differing opinions aren’t always respected, and anymore seem to be cause for others to launch an attack, even among those who have been life-long friends.

Personally, I don’t believe any one party or political ideology has a monopoly on good ideas or effective public servants.  American’s from each party, and even those not associated with any party, are generally proud and patriotic citizens who love our country and want what’s best for our nation as a whole.

That may be one of the reasons I enjoy Independence Day so much.

It’s a time when a lot of those differences tend to get put on the back-burner and we all come together with pride in our country!

We celebrate our freedom and take time to reflect and thank all those brave men and women who have fought to defend our republic.  Every generation for the past 241 years have had to strongly stand up and defend the principles this country was founded on and despite challenges in the past and the challenges sure to come in the future, if we remain strong and united with patriotic fervor, this will continue to be an incredible nation, worthy of defending and celebrating!

I hope you all enjoy the Independence Day Holiday and to all those of you who have served in our military, or supported military spouses, children or others in our community who have served, thank you so much!

God Bless America!

Sheriff David Groves

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