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Congratulations Area Graduates!!

I get excited this time each year because it’s graduation season! Many people will be graduating college, either as traditional or non-traditional students. Either way brings its own set of challenges, whether it’s being away from home for the first time or juggling a job and kids while still getting assignments completed. Those graduates have cause to be proud, as do our high school seniors.

As Sheriff, one of the greatest parts of my job is interacting with our school administrators, staff and students. I’ve gotten the chance to watch many of the 2016 graduating class grow and mature over the past several years. Many of them that I know are active in sports, the arts, helping to keep their fellow classmates safe by being part of our SAFE Teams, or other activities.

Just like those pursuing higher education through college, our high school students face their own set of obstacles, whether it’s a less than stable home life, cyber bullying, peer pressure with regards to drugs and alcohol or a whole host of other things that can cause stress. Giving up and not putting forth the effort may seem to be the easier option some, if not most, days. Despite the challenges, they continue on.

As they walk across that stage to receive their diploma, I hope they feel the sense of achievement they have earned.

I know many of them will continue to pursue their education through college, while others will immediately enter the work force, pursue a trade or protect our nation in the military.

Regardless of where their paths take them next, I’m proud of all our area graduates and am excited to see the positive impact they will continue to make whether it’s hear in our community or across the world.

Congratulations and good luck in the future!

Sheriff David M. Groves

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