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Spring and Elections Coming Up

I’m excited as we start the long awaited (at least for me anyway) transition from winter to spring!

As the days get warmer we will begin spending more time outside, getting out in the yard and hopefully finding a little fishing hole.

Students are also starting their final push towards summer break and graduation. 

With everything going on, it can be hard to remember that there are also elections this year.  Although not a presidential election (despite it seeming we are always in a presidential election year), “mid-term” or off-year elections will be held.

There will be city council, county commission and a school bond issue voted on locally as well as statewide and federal offices being sought.

Off year elections typically result in low voter turnout, but they are still very important. 

The right to vote - to determine the future of our cities, county, state and country - is an awesome right and a responsibility we have to take very seriously.

There are ways to exercise your right to vote despite being busy or being out of town on Election Day.

The staff at the Cherokee County Clerk’s Office (620-429-2042) would be happy to discuss the options of absentee ballots or advanced voting if you want to give them a call.

Polls this year are scheduled to be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on April 1st for City Elections, May 6th for the USD #493 School Bond Issue, August 5th for county, state and federal primary, and November 4th for the General Election.

Just as going into the voting booth is important, it is also important to become an informed voter.  Recently there have been meetings on the form of government change proposed for Columbus and forums on the school bond issue. I have also had the chance to visit with some candidates who I admittedly had a preconceived idea about. 

Following the discussions, some of them changed my prior opinion and intrigued me to learn more about them.

It does take time to become an informed voter, but the decisions we make (or fail to make by not showing up) on Election Day will impact us for years to come. For good or bad, they will certainly impact our communities.

Whether you want to vote for a candidate or against a candidate, for an issue or against an issue and despite any or no party affiliation, I encourage all of you to do some research and exercise your rights on Election Day!

Oh, and I hope all enjoy the busy spring!

God Bless,

David M. Groves

Sheriff, Cherokee County

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