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Looking Ahead Towards 2014!

Wow! It is hard to believe 2013 is already over.  This year really flew by for me.  It was an incredible year and since I mentioned some of the reasons why in my Thanksgiving post, I won't re-state them again, but we had some awesome moments!

As 2013 comes to a close, we start looking towards 2014.

With that in mind, several of us were talking the other day about when we were young kids. We thought by this time there would be flying cars.  I'm not sure who was supposed to be working on that, but we're a little disappointed!

I enjoy the New Year Holiday because, as anyone who knows me has come to realize, I'm very goal oriented.  I like to set short term and long term goals, and I like the challenge of working towards achieving them. The New Year makes for a convenient start date.

And just as we do each November, our administrative team recently put together our list of goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

As I have said before, I believe that as a public service agency, it’s important for us to regularly re-evaluate the quality of the service we provide so that we can continue to meet the ever changing needs of our community and exceed your expectations.  That is my ultimate goal.  To exceed your expectations as it relates to your county law enforcement.

I firmly believe that you - and Cherokee County as a whole - deserve it.

Thanks to a fantastic staff of professionals who are genuinely committed to making this community a better and safer place, we already often achieve this goal.  In fact, I continue to be amazed at the letters, cards, calls and emails I receive sharing stories about members of the Sheriff’s Office going above and beyond to help someone through a difficult situation.  It is your support that allows us to continue to move forward, and it is very much appreciated!

However, we also acknowledge there are days where we may fall short.  We take those instances and try to turn them into learning opportunities, keeping in mind that in our business not everyone will always walk away happy, but we can still do the job you have asked us to do in an effective, professional and respectful manner.  

I have said from the day I first filed as a candidate, I want you to be proud of and trust your sheriff’s office.  Again from talking to you and your expressions of support, I know that many of you already do, but it is not enough to earn your trust, we must also maintain it.  That is a mission we are honored to work towards daily!

The goals we set each year are geared towards that larger objective.  They may be policy changes, trainings, implementation of new programs, new volunteer opportunities or equipment upgrades to increase efficiency.  Whatever they may be, they are always thought of as building blocks to be used to make your sheriff’s office better, stronger and more responsive!

As your Sheriff, and collectively as your Sheriff's Office, we are excited about 2014 and energized about the opportunities to continue to move your county law enforcement agency forward and providing you with a quality service, which is second to none!

I again thank you for an amazing 2013 and wish you all a very happy, safe and prosperous 2014!

God Bless,

Sheriff David M. Groves

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